Download the report on the Council of Supply Chain Management’s website here.

In the fourth edition of CSCMP’s Biannual Young Professionals in Supply Chain Report, authored by Korn Ferry and presented by Penske Logistics, the 2023 survey results provide insights on the motivations and perspectives of the next generation of supply chain leaders. Key findings from the study include:

  • High Job Satisfaction: A remarkable 96% of young professionals expressed excitement about their supply chain careers, with an equally high percentage keen on recommending these careers to others.
  • Diverse Career Motivations: Over half, precisely 58%, of young professionals in the supply chain field are attracted by the diverse range of opportunities available, highlighting the sector’s attractiveness.
  • Tangible Impact: 57% recognized the tangible impact supply chain roles have on business outcomes, emphasizing the significance of their contributions.
  • Exposure and Awareness: More than half, 53%, have gained firsthand supply chain exposure through internships or education, contributing to an increased awareness of the field.
  • Changing Perceptions: Interestingly, the percentage of those “strongly agreeing” that supply chain is an excellent career choice has declined by over 10% since 2016. This shift likely reflects the heightened competition in the field and underscores the importance of compensation, advancement opportunities, and work flexibility in retaining talent.